Without exception, AE bios, Inc. offers a great diversity of products for the microbiologists and/or clinical laboratory professional.  Our lab products are available from many manufacturers and only the best quality products were selected to be sold through AE bios. 

AE bios specializes in laboratory products for Microbiology and Life Science Laboratories, Hospital Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Urgent Care Facilities, and Physician Operated Labs (POL’s) throughout North America.  AE bios is dedicated to providing the highest quality of laboratory products with the highest degree of integrity.  Knowing this and experiencing this allows the lab to concentrate on their work because they have the peace of mind that products they buy from AE bios is the best on the market.

Our Mission

About The Company


Our mission is to be the finest distributor of molecular biology and clinical laboratory equipment.  We take our products serious so your research and/or diagnostics benefit.

AE bios offers its customers a bevy of advantages.

  1. Nation-wide network vendors and manufactures provides same day to 3-day delivery times.
  2. AE bios guarantees a contact within 24 hours of inquiry.
  3. On-line ordering is offered 24/7.
  4. We are a women owned, certified small business committed to improvement.
  5. AE bios continuously improves and updates the web catalog and pertinent product specifications.
  6. We offer to its customers a "money back" guarantee that its products will meet the specifications as outlined in its technical manual.

AE bios is committed to providing innovative and services along with dependable service.

As a distributor, AE bios offers a complete selection of over 30,000 products for the microbiologist, clinician, dentist, and pharmaceutical professional.